St. Louis Guardsmen Decoration

St. Louis Guardsmen Decoration

St. Louis Guardsmen Decoration

St. Louis Guardsmen Decoration

Thank you to the St. Luis Guardsmen Roundup for the opportunity to have Bisli Event Services as your private event designer from Thursday November 5 until Saturday November 7, 2015. It have been an amazing experience working with you and getting to know all the chapter members nationwide. Elite at their best.

St. Louis Guardsmen Decoration

La Cantera Hotel

History of the Guardsmen

The Guardsmen started in Brooklyn in 1933 by several young men, most of them graduates of Howard University, Lincoln University and Morgan State College. Their objective was to form a club of men with like desires, to foster social programs that would include their wives and girl friends. Never in their wildest dream did they visualize an association of men from Boston to Florida and west to Los Angeles. The Brooklyn Chapter set a desirable pace and the word went out to Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington and Richmond and quickly new clubs were formed and were chartered as Guardsmen by the Mother Chapter.

The expansion pace slowed and it was 60 years later before the 17th (Los Angeles) and 18th (St. Louis) chapters were admitted.

stl guardsmen

St. Louis Guardsmen Decoration

St. Louis Guardsmen decorations


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St. Louis Guardsmen decorations

Guardsmen Logo

St. Louis Guardsmen Decoration


(Guardsmen Brother______)

There comes a time when we must say,

Farewell to a friend who’s passed away.

In Guardsmen it is like no other,

Because we have lost a brother.

We knew him when the times were good,

His hopes, his joys we understood.

We knew him when the times were bad,

The fears and pain that made him sad.

He planned with us our celebrations,

Reached out to all with invitations.

To be a Guardsman is when we begin

To appreciate a fellowship of men.

To enjoy our life whether long or brief,

And to know full well, in life there’s grief.

So today we come to you to say,

That we will miss you everyday.

We will miss your

















And Accomplishments

Most of all in God’s great plan,

We’ve come to say, “We’ll miss you, man.”

Goodbye (Guardsmen Brother______)…

Guardsmen salute you.

Guardsmen miss you.

May your journey be smooth.

Other Guardsmen you’ll meet.

Save us a place in God’s heavenly suite.

ã Kenneth C. Edelin, M.D.

Founded in 1933